Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Knowing when you've found the right one

This time of year is special to lots of people, for lots of different reasons.  Birthdays, fairs, school starts, leaves change, hunting starts, the squirrels start yammering about their nuts.
For my husband and I, it's the season of our anniversary. 
Since we have been together (even before we got married), we've travelled to the Common Ground Country Fair in Unity and volunteered.  In repayment, we are allowed to wander the fair grounds, get a teeshirt, and a free organic meal, that once, we had the distinct pleasure of chopping vegetables for in the rain.  As we were preparing to take off this year, he said to me "It's our third time going over...wow".  And I thought back and said "I think it's our 4th time...we did it the year we got married."  And sure enough, it was.
I know I found the right one when one morning, we were looking at each other, and said "It totally doesn't feel like it's been three years."
I feel truly blessed to have a partner, not a "ball and chain" as some refer to their signficant other.

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Runnergirl said...

When we were on hols last year, someone asked us how long we'd been married and I said "Oh just a year". Hubby looked at me and said "2 years!"... it's going to be 4 in April, and 6 years in December since we started going out, and it doesn't feel like it at all.

I didn't know he was the One when we first met (having thought I'd already met The One), but when a colleague of his told me last weekend that it is funny how alike we are and how we even talk the same, I know that I am blessed to have found someone so perfect for me and I'm pretty sure I'll feel the same for many years to come!

This is also one of the main reason we don't want children - we don't need them, we have such a strong bond that we only ever want it to be just the two of us.

Congratulations on finding your Happy Ever After!