Wednesday, September 9, 2009


Ok, sometimes the word is misspelled, and it's "Pest", but we love them. A LOT. Even when they shred blazers, and polo shirts, and skirts, and comforters. We make sure they have food, water, and shelter, they go to the bathroom frequently, and get plenty of love and exercise.
My husband and I work decent jobs, and can afford to take care of them.
Here's a note to the sap suckers out there. If you don't work, don't have transportation, and leech off the state, don't take on the life of something that depends on you. That includes cats, dogs, ferrets, mice, or, god forbid, a CHILD.
And don't put your big sorry sob story on Freecycle to find a veterinarian that will provide free care to you sorry ass to find out what's wrong with your cat. Doctors HAVE to take care of your pesky stinky whiny crybaby child. Veterinarians don't.

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CarolineGDavies said...

I couldn't agree more. The cattery that we use when we're on holiday takes in the strays that other charities won't. They've had so many cats and kittens brought in where the owners have got them for free, and then not spent any money on inoculations, speying etc. etc. so they just end up having litter after litter that need to be found homes or are abandoned.