Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Knowing when you've found the right one

This time of year is special to lots of people, for lots of different reasons.  Birthdays, fairs, school starts, leaves change, hunting starts, the squirrels start yammering about their nuts.
For my husband and I, it's the season of our anniversary. 
Since we have been together (even before we got married), we've travelled to the Common Ground Country Fair in Unity and volunteered.  In repayment, we are allowed to wander the fair grounds, get a teeshirt, and a free organic meal, that once, we had the distinct pleasure of chopping vegetables for in the rain.  As we were preparing to take off this year, he said to me "It's our third time going over...wow".  And I thought back and said "I think it's our 4th time...we did it the year we got married."  And sure enough, it was.
I know I found the right one when one morning, we were looking at each other, and said "It totally doesn't feel like it's been three years."
I feel truly blessed to have a partner, not a "ball and chain" as some refer to their signficant other.


Read in a headline:

Study: More sex may help damaged sperm

Greening said the study's findings were ultimately very intuitive. "If you want to have a baby, our advice is to do it often."

uh, duh?


Monday, September 28, 2009

The Stupid Car saleman and his Establishment

I was at your establishment looking for a pre-owned Honda Civic recently with a family member.  I was met with ignorance, inability to assist, and one salesman put words in my family member's mouth saying "You're right, she's not very nice", which is not anything she EVER said (I was there the whole time).  The car was not on the lot, and we were told "The owner has it".  The salesman attempted to sell a couple of Hyundai's, was not able to answer any questions that we had about them, and was not knowlegeable about them at all.  We decided to grantthe benefit of doubt, and try one of the Sonatas.  When we returned,  the salesman that came out to greet us asked us what we thought, and when he learned about the interest in Honda's said "Well, we have an Accord", and my family member said "Well, I'm really interested in the gas mileage that Civic's get" he was like "Civic's get better mileage than Accords?"  Uh, duh?  REALLY!? (Larger car, larger engine in an Accord?)  I felt like I was dealing with a bunch of retards.  I have done my fair share of car shopping, and this was the WORST experience I had, and believe me, when anyone asks if I know of any good places to go,  I will tell them NOT to visit your establishment.  A happy customer tells 3 people that they had a good experience.  An Unhappy customer tells 10.  Not such good odds in your favor.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009


Ok, sometimes the word is misspelled, and it's "Pest", but we love them. A LOT. Even when they shred blazers, and polo shirts, and skirts, and comforters. We make sure they have food, water, and shelter, they go to the bathroom frequently, and get plenty of love and exercise.
My husband and I work decent jobs, and can afford to take care of them.
Here's a note to the sap suckers out there. If you don't work, don't have transportation, and leech off the state, don't take on the life of something that depends on you. That includes cats, dogs, ferrets, mice, or, god forbid, a CHILD.
And don't put your big sorry sob story on Freecycle to find a veterinarian that will provide free care to you sorry ass to find out what's wrong with your cat. Doctors HAVE to take care of your pesky stinky whiny crybaby child. Veterinarians don't.