Monday, August 4, 2008


I missed! I was supposed to post this weekend...but didn't have the opportunity. I was in the having a meltdown getting my new mattress and was supposed to be riding in the MS 150, which is my 8th Maine ride, but 9th overall.

So, on the first order of business...if you haven't checked what I'm referring to, maybe this
will help you understand. Well, I had to pass where it happened, and thought, well, I've done it for 3 years, I'll be fine.
Nope, thought I could do it, but il bastardo got the better of me that day.
Then, on Sunday, I decided, I would ride...It's not like I've never ridden in the rain before (All 4 Trek Across Maine's that I've done have been freezing cold and driving rain. I'm used to it). Besides, only once have I ridden either home or to work when it's been SUNNY! So rain wasn't a big deal. I left, and no sooner had I gotten down to the end of the road were people turning around and heading back. I thought "What a bunch of pussies, not wanting to ride in the rain, And then it started to thunder. And then there was lightning. Yes, boys and girls, I was riding an All metal bicycle on 700x23's and I was FEARLESS! Bring it ON, Mama Nature!
Then the event coordinators decided that having 500 people on a wet course, where visibility was not much more than your front wheel, and the thunder and lightning were cause for concern (Our spokesman is the local weatherguy...go figure) to turn us around! Grr...
So by 11 am, the weather had cleared, and the sun was shining.
If you don't like the weather, wait five minutes, it will change

The second order of business...
Our new mattress.
Yet another adventure!

I heard (or so I thought) an advertisement on the radio for a mattress company about 2 hours away having a 60% off sale on their mattresses. We were in the market for a king size bed, as our 15 pound Jack Russell Terrier had decide that our queen size just wasn't big enough for the 3 of us. I figured, hey, if we can get a 1000 mattress for 400 bucks, I'll get my arse out of bed at 0300 to be there by 0600! They even had a thing on their website.
I was very disappointed to learn that, in fact, was not the store that had the sale, but one that was 30 miles away, and didn't open until 8.
We walked in, laid down on a few mattresses (there were some that were really nice), and we found a couple that were possibilities. Unfortunately, they were not 60% off, and the salesman was not willing to come down any more than 10%.
So we left and went to a big store.
We got our king size bed for about 60% of what they were asking at the furniture store.
Now the fun begins.
Our house, while quaint, is not very big. It was designed for little people. Not that there's anything wrong with little people, but when trying to get a big people mattress in, as the little rat on acid said "I theenk I neeed a beeger bawx.."
Furniture moving should be an Olympic Event. I never thought we could fit a 76x80" bed into a 70x 24" door, but with much more huffing and puffing and more energy expended than 2 bariatric patients spending a night on the Orgasmatron, we succeeded in getting the mattress in and set up.
We've decided it's not leaving that room until we move.

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meta_rev said...

Or we're cutting a hole in the #$@@ing wall. A room with a the neighbors would like that.