Friday, August 8, 2008

More on laziness

Tonight's babble?
Abuse of the state system

Our lovely state has opened it's doors to immigrants, which has been done for hundreds of years. Irish, German, English, French, Canadian, and I apologize to anyone whom I have forgotten. Back when these people were immigrating, they brought with them sweat, tears, muscle, and lots of hard work. How is this demonstrated? Ever seen the buildings in your "downtown" with the years on them? I highly doubt that they were constructed with the use of cranes. Farms? Stone walls? Roads? Ditches? Railways? Mills (woolen, paper, wood, you name it), and they did it. Sure, you had some people in there who wouldn't carry their own weight, however, they were few and far between, and those that didn't, didn't live for very long like that. The "poor farm" was alive and well. It was an era when people knew the value of a hard earned dollar, didn't take anyone or anything for granted, and to help thy neighbor was a way of life.

Fast forward to our current state of affairs.

We have opened our doors to a population who has immigrated to the US because of drug wars, war lords, over population, disease, and nonsustainable living. Some of this population is trying really hard to climb their way out of the devastation and squalor they live in by going to school, farming, getting a job, and making a living. For these people, Kudos. I laud these people. To the ones who are given a car and have the license plate "UBOTIT"...I have a special place in my heart for you...and it gets colder each time I see my paycheck having more taxes taken out.

We have people who sit around the house all day and collect a "pay check" from the government. For what? Breathing? Changing the channel? On the claim that they have a "disability". I don't discredit the people who have a TRUE disability (missing a head). Paralyzed from the neck down. Vegetative states. I know there are other injuries that make it prohibitive for someone to lift, walk, or anything else. Some people who have a limited list of psychiatric disorders. Being fat is not a reason not to work. Maybe if you actually went to work and had some structure, instead of walking from the couch to the refrigerator (or just have one installed next to the couch), you wouldn't be in that predicament to begin with.

However, I don't feel that we should give people who have never worked a day in their life to pay into social security SSDI.

I don't feel that we should GIVE housing to people who refuse to work. Want housing? Get something you can AFFORD. If all you can afford is a tent, well, at least it's a roof over your head. May not be the best, but it's not a payment you can just afford per month while you are in search of the elusive American dream that you will end up paying for until 20 years after you die at the ripe old age of 95.

I don't believe we should hand out food stamps for someone to purchase chicken nuggets, Sunny Delight, soda, and chips (and spend $40 dollars on the EBT card) followed by beer, cigarettes, and a smut magazine, and leave in a brand new 40k truck. Need food? Grow your own. Work on a farm. Sell the bling. Rhinestone covered thongs do not count as necessities.

I don't feel that we should give out health care. If you need it, fine. But after you receive it, volunteer. You have some sort of talent. Sorting paperclips could be a job for these people. Walk from one end of the hospital to the other taking lost people to the place they're looking for.

I don't feel we should "provide" child care. If you need child care, and can't pay for it, don't have any more kids! If you can't afford the one you've got, why breed more? Why work just to pay for child care?

School should be a place for learning, and not for "free care" (that you pay for in taxes) for 6 hours (8 if you count the hour each way for the bus). It's not romper room. You can't bounce off the walls for 5.98 hours of the day, and the other .02 hours you're in the bathroom. If you do something wrong, there should be consequences.

This brings me to the news of the day that has me wound.
Matthew has posted this
If you do something wrong, there should be consequences.
Killing someone is wrong. Even if it wasn't intentional, your actions have consequences. When playing baseball and you hit the neighbors window, you had to pay for it, apologize, get grounded, and not do it again. It was still an accident, but there were consequences.

12 years is nothing. It's an era of school. In Kindergarten, we all imagined that we would NEVER graduate. We eventually did. In looking back, we postulate where the time went.
Make him do something productive. Stamp license plates. Build furniture. Sweep up dust chips. Collect garbage on the side of the road. Shovel out fire hydrants in the winter. Live in hell until death (no visitors, no "day passes", no amenities, nothing), and maybe, just maybe, it will be halfway equal to killing someone.

Instead of giving satellite or cable t.v., weight room, 3 squares, a bed, and clean clothes, make it something people don't want. If there wasn't a stigma attached, and the whole moral compass that I have, I would say, damn, I can get all of that without doing anything? Sign me up! The sheriff who did the baloney sandwiches, yurts, and had the whole chain gang thing had it right. People didn't want to do that, so the crime went down. Shocker.

We have become a soft society. A society that expects things for free, not willing to work for them, and not realizing a lot of hard work (of someone) goes into that "pay check" that you get once a month to sit, be a sack of shit and breed like bunnies.

I understand that mistakes happen. However, I shouldn't have to pay for other peoples mistakes.

My wonderful, loving husband works in a machine shop as a second shift supervisor. Because of the nature of my job (working day time hours), his schedule of 3p-1a is a little prohibitive of seeing each other.

I take dinner to him most nights, (and in the almost 3 months he's been on this shift , I may have missed 3 nights), and it's usually something homemade, even if it's leftovers. I eat with him, and go home. Sometimes I get ice cream for the other guys, but I'm not there for long. I have things to do (feed the dog, clean up my hellish mess in the kitchen, etc)
One of his employees has a girlfriend. Not that unusual.
What is unusual, is that he brings his girlfriend with him, sits her in the break room with a laptop, and she sits and watches movies or surfs the internet.

Now, when I was a kiddo, and my mother would get called in to work (as an EMT-I) and didn't have someone to watch us, we would go with her. We took books, crafts, anything to keep us occupied until she was done. It didn't happen often, but it happened a couple of times. If I remember correctly, I usually ended up helping do something in the office.

Back to the girlfriend. She has 2 kids at home. And she lives with her father. Her reason for going to "work" with her boyfriend? "It gets me out of the house and I don't have to listen to my father and my kids scream". (She's younger than I am, and I'm gradjiated high school and 4 year college, and a little life experience, but not ready for the old folks home yet).
Whoa. Wasn't that part of the job description when you got pregnant and squirted out those screaming little brats?
Why aren't you at home, teaching them right and wrong, feeding them, putting them to bed? Oh yeah, that's right, you don't know the difference yourself, feeding is a drive-by from the burger joint, and bed is where you go to boink, oh, I'm sorry, put sedated limp rags of kids because you can't handle them!
Solution? Get a job. Get a residence of some nature. Make a living instead of leaching off me and the rest of society, and stop bitching about how horrible the life that you choose to make for yourself isn't the "elusive American Dream".

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