Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Clean your ears out people

Ok, so here's the latest...
An old lady calls, and asks if a weightloss center does testing forDementia, a crippling disease of the elderly.
The secretary informs the poor soul, "I'm sorry, this is a bariatric surgery, not geriatric surgery. "
No, this is true.
You can't make this up!


Jambalaya said...

Maybe the poor elderly lady needs hearing aids....at least the other one knew the difference between geriatrics and bariatrics, so that must count for something, eh?

MedicMatthew said...

Um, why was she calling the trauma registry?

mainecrashed2 said...

The lady was calling the bariatric surgery dept which is next to my office. And the secretary's voice carries through the ENTIRE BACK OFFICE. She could announce a ball game without a megaphone.