Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Driving home while tired.

Ok, so I know that driving home when you're tired isn't a WONDERFUL idea...but, it had to be done.
I was on my way home last night, and was traveling through the center of town on a 4-lane road. I was in the left hand lane following a pickup truck who had slowed down.
He wasn't doing the speed limit, so, I figured he was planning to turn left somewhere. I changed lanes, and was in the right lane, and a car was ahead. The guy sped up to pass me, and the car now ahead of me, and forced me to get behind him again to pass the guy in front of me. How irritating. So I pass the car, and pull again into the right hand lane, now nose and nose with this guy. The light turns red. One of the sheriffs officers pulls out from the bridge and goes screaming down the road. The conversation in my head?

"Sorry officer, I thought you were the pace car."
Notes? Don't drive while tired. And don't EVER say that

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