Sunday, February 4, 2007

And to continue

Now that I can get to the meat and potatoes of the blog...
My Job:
I am a Trauma Registrar. No, that doesn't mean I stand by the bedside every time a trauma patient comes through the door. No, That's what the Trauma Nurse 1 and 2, Radiology Tech, ED Doc, and Trauma Surgeon do to blurt out stuff to the Recorder standing over in the corner taking mad notes on a piece of paper that is, of course, 4 copies thick.
I get the piece of paper.
Which is the bottom copy.
Which, a lot of times, are very difficult to read; for a multitude of reasons ranging from:
Poor Penmanship
Not pressing down hard enough
Foreign language (this does not include chicken scratch)
Or, forgetting to turn 'dem pesky hearin' aides.
Nothing glamourous, nothing mysterious.
Ultimately, the information about the accident and ensuing injuries that were sustained, that I extract from the patient record, gets sent to a national database where it's analyzed by highly trained professionals with math degrees to find out what percentage of what age range and what population are sustaining which injuries so they can tell other people what NOT to do so they don't get hurt. Confused?
So my boss has an office connected to mine (I have like an "anteroom" office)
Batt in the comp is dying...time to shut down...more to follow

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