Sunday, December 14, 2008

Response to the third request for my opinion on a survey

Look, if I wanted to leave feedback, I would have. I am adept enough in the use of computers to find your website, find the "CONTACT US" button and raise seven kinds of holy h-e-double hockey stick had I not received it, and you would have heard from me by now. If I thought the service was absolutely smokin'-hot-out-of-this-world, I would have written to your company to compliment you on a job well done.
Since I received my product through mediocre services(quite the delay, mind you), I didn't feel it was necessary to either compliment or ridicule you. Seeing as you are virtually DEMANDING a response with the second or third email requesting me to fill out a survey, I feel the need to contact you and ask you to STOP SENDING ME SURVEYS. Either that, I'm going to develop my own survey to send to you to ask you to rate me as a customer, and begin to ask you such questions as "Did my puchase of a 7.00 item improve your daily sales to the point that you would recommend me as a customer to other vendors?", "Was my credit card appropriate for your usage?", "Did you enjoy sending me my product via the slowest shipping rate possible?" and "Do you feel that is an appropriate location to start advertising the sale of groceries?" "How do you feel about global warming?"
If you feel these questions are utterly preposterous and time wasting, maybe you will begin to know how I really feel about receiving multiple requests for my opinion on a survey.
If you insist on sending me surveys and asking me for my opinion, beware, I may just give it to you, and it may not be the glowing praise that you are looking for. A satisfied customer will tell about 3 people they had a good shopping experience. A dissatisfied customer will tell 10. Not such a good ratio for your company.

It's not the purchase I'm dissatisfied with, it is the badgering for my opinion that is making me dissatisfied.
Thank you,
A Disgruntled Customer

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